Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lifestyle Change: Baby Carrots

There was an email about the process of making baby carrots that has circulated a few times over the last few years. It describes the process that is used to make them including the step of washing them in a chlorine solution to help them last longer.  Reading this was enough to put me off of buying them...but, they are so convenient that it has been hard to make the switch.

So, for months now I have been buying organic carrots and peeling and cutting them up to put in the kids lunches. They do taste better and have been proven to be more nutritious.  Recently though, I heard that Costco is now carrying organic baby carrots.  They are USDA certified organic so, I knew that they could not go through the processes described in that earlier email.  So, I picked them up in a pinch for a veggie to take to my mom’s for our family's Easter dinner and it led me to researching this topic.   

Here is a link to an article telling what is true and false about that original email:

Here is another link telling more about the process of making organic baby carrots:

They state that organic growers use a citrus based non toxic solution called Citrox (The ProGarda™) in their process of cleansing the carrots post-harvest.  Citrox is a natural alternative to synthetic biocides for the decontamination of fresh produce, food and beverages. Citrox technology incorporates a truly holistic approach designed to increase the effectiveness and profitability of food and beverage production processes."


  1. Thanks for looking into the truth/fiction of that email so many of us have received! I will now purchase organic baby carrots whenever possible!